Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LA Boogie with the main man - Dãm-Funk, Vol. 21

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This week's set is from a man that's almost single-handedly brought the Boogie scene to life here in LA. Dude's got the modern soul thing on lock down! You may know him from his mix of Baron Zen's "Burn Rubber" out now on Stones Throw. It's become an instant classic! You'll find that one in the mix along with some other original material - exclusive to this show!

The sounds are fresh all the way around and the cat is one of the nicest to ever come through the BBQ. Let's get into this!

All joints spun were from the 'original wax' pressings.
(*except where indicated.)

1.dãm-funk - "Zone" (HVW8 Exclusive) ~ *CDR promo / '07
2.State Of Grace - "Touching The Times" (instr. ver.) / '83
3.Silver, Platinum & Gold - "SPG Theme" / '81
4.Leroy Hutson - "Paradise" / '82
5.Tomorrow's Edition - "A Song For Everyone" / '82
6.Burgess Gardner - "Nice 'N' Greasy" / '83
7.Baron Zen - "Burn Rubber" (dãm-funk Remix) / '07
8.U.K. Players - "So Good To Be Alive" / '82
9.Shadow - "Sinister Way" / '81
10.Civil Attack - "One Love" / '83
11.Billy Jones - "I Can't Wait To Break" / '84
12.First Love - "Party Lights" / '82
13.Verticle Lines - "Theme From Beach Boy" / '82
14.Sound Troupe - "Can You Really See Me" / '82
15.Circle City Band - "Magic" / '83
16.Superior Movement - "Wide Shot" / '82
17.Electric Smoke - "Freak It Out" (instr. ver.) / '83
18.Rah Band - "Messages From The Stars" / '83
19.Phoenix - "(Live, Love, Laugh) Be Happy" / '8?
20.General Caine - "Don't Stop" (special 7" version) / '82
21.The Family - "Yes" / '85
22.Cojo - "Play It By Ear" / '8?
23.Wynd Chymes - "Baby You're The One" / '80
24.Glenda Mcleod - "No Stranger To Love" (instr. ver.) / '83
25.Glenda Mcleod - "No Stranger To Love" (voc. ver.) / '83
26.Index - "Starlight" (The Break) / '81
27.Jonnie Baby - "Special Things" / '86

Here's a message from the man himself, dãm-funk:

This set I dropped was based in the Boogie, Funk & Modern-Funk music genre's respecfully. This style was first broken and played in a continuous basis (all nite with no filler) @ Funkmosphere (L.A.). This early to mid 80's sound has been respected in the UK & Europe for years, while virtually being ignored here in the states...unfortunately (headz prefering 4 on the floor house sounds, and hip-hop only). After years of myself & others being into this sound and diggin' for this wax, L.A. is now @ the forefront (here in the U.S.) of this emerging scene of Funk & Boogie soundz. Let's keep diggin' ya'll!!

It was our honor to be apart of YOUR creative vision dãm-funk! 1!

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Photos - Solidstate LA, and Ty G

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