Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kevin's Letter

please post this open letter as much as you can. new marketing
approach from a new marketer.

I want to extend an invitation to you all to attend my opening at the
HVW8 gallery on Spaulding in West hollywood here in LA on friday, May 9th. I also want to forewarn that in and of itself this is no literal
art show. It is riddled with sketches, visual rants and pointless,
aggressive dribble. it is unframed, unedited and purely self-
indulgent. I am in all truth as you all know an Art Director/Creative
Director, not an artist by any stretch, and I have never pretended to
be as such and this show will fully reenforce this very reality. All
of that having been said, even with lack of focus and in all
seriousness a lack of actual work, it winds up ironically being the
first show which i actually show any raw emotion. It is work that
wound up personal and silly and not over thought. Recently I worked
for a retail machine that kept me very busy methodically and very
intentionally calculating exactly what "kids" want to see and
purchase. I went through a fairly emotional roller coaster there which
made me realize that I wanted to go in a very different direction.
Along side this work, I was also experiencing total freedom in my
personal freelance work and getting paid to simply be me. The less I
thought and obsessed over the work the more people responded to it.
backwards George day. Now I am experiencing a very different ride in
working for a pseudo ad agency trying to break out of the ad agency
model. I commute for nearly 4 hours a day and in that time while
riding bumpy trains, I find myself drawing for drawing's sake. I put
my laptop away and abandon fonts and grids and simply draw monsters, and ice creams and Stars of David riding skateboards. They are goofy, angry, and emotional. These are some of the treats that you will see at my show. Nothing fancy. Tape and tacks. wrinkled, non-archival, and devoid of color. Just sharing, warning, but not apologizing. I will carry all the art in a carry on bag on the plane and put it up in less than 24 hours. Please come out. One of my favorite dj's will be there, Sureshot, an old reggae head who shares my love of early reggae soul seven inches.

nuff'said. sho'nuff. by any means necessary.


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